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About Us

We offer a private summer experience blending a myriad of factors in the heart of Sheepshead Bay.


THINK HEROES was born from the creativity and ideas of two local companies, THINK&Co. Advanced Learning and Soccer Heroes NY.

In our first year, 2018, we came together and offered an exclusive program for only 20 children and were so happy with the result!

Now we are bringing back our program, having new additions, upgrades, and inclusions!

Our program blends together the factors that we believe are most beneficial for a child during the summer:


Academics | Athletics | Physical Activity | Nutrition | The Arts | Social Interaction


We offer a 4:1 counselor to child ratio for maximum individual attention and encourage building friendships which will last for years!Our counselors are specially selected from the THINK&Co. and Soccer Heroes teams for professional care from people who care and have experience in working with children.

Our team cares.

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