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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the summer program?

You have several options. We have a minimum of 4 weeks attendance and have priced out 4, 6, and 8 week options for you which can be found on our pricing page. Just scroll up to the main menu and select "pricing" to see the breakdown. Or, click here to be directed directly to the pricing page. 

What if I want to try it first?

We understand that you may want to do a trial week to start with however since our program has a maximum cap of children allowed, we do not offer weekly options. You may try a week trial, however, based on availability. The cost for a week-long trial is $750. If you decide to stay longer, you will have to meet the minimum of 4 weeks (3 more weeks) and availability is based on occupancy and availability. If we meet our cap of children, we will unfortunately not be able to guarantee a space for those who do a trial week.


What do the kids eat?

Our pricing includes a meal plan for all children! All food is home style cooking, with a menu crafted based off of the proper nutrients and food groups needed for children for optimal energy reserves throughout the day! All snacks throughout the day are likewise preplanned and includes organic, health foods, and nutritious options. We will offer options for standard food plan or dairy/gluten free plan to fit all dietary restrictions!

Do you take kids on trip?

Yes, we take kids on numerous NYC adventure trips throughout the program including Central Park, The Bronx Zoo, and a myriad of museums! We also take children on beach trips for some fun in the sun!

Who are the counselors?

We pride ourselves on employing tutors from THINK&Co. Advanced Learning and coaches from Soccer Heroes  for this program! Our extracurriculars are led by these team members, too! We want to assure you that you are entrusting your children to a professional, caring, and experienced team who will keep them safe and having fun all summer!

Do you offer pick up and drop off?

Yes! We are still working out some details on pricing but we will definitely be offering transportation as an added option! Transportation will include both morning pick up and evening drop off.

Why are you more expensive/the same price as other camps?

It’s simple. We do not provide the same service. Most camps provide an option for a traditional summer program. With us, we provide an option that is stemmed directly from academics, child development, athletic aptitude, and more. While for many families a traditional camp is a great option, we provide a different option that allows children to explore. You are signing your child up for a fully individualized, small group program, where children not only received personal attention, but also develop new friendships with the same friendly faces throughout the summer! We are also offering free additions that cost extra at other camps, such as early morning start time and late evening pick up, to accommodate our working parents, as well as professional counselors and coaches each and every hour of the day. We provide top of the line supplies for our extracurricular activities, healthy and organic food options, and a program expertly devised to cover all the most important factors a child needs for a fun yet productive summer! Your child will be kept safe with our counselor to child ratio of 4:1, which allows for individual attention and care, and you won’t have packets of leftover summer homework to worry about either, because we'll take care of it! We will care for your children like our own; just think of us as FAMILY.


If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

We are happy to speak with you about our program for your child(ren) and provide all the details you need to make an informed decision!

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